Southeastern suburbs shine brightly for family friendly affordability

Indian-Australians are flocking to a new development in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs seeking their slice of the great Australian dream.Verve, Clyde North’s newest masterplanned estate, has proven very popular with a growing number of lots being snapped up by Indian-Australian families seeking large homes with multiple bedrooms near child-friendly open space.

Future Verve residents Mr and Mrs Cooray said they were delighted to find a home at Verve that was able to meet their family and lifestyle expectations.

“As a young and growing family, it was important to find a community that was well connected to local schools, community services, and sporting grounds,” said Mrs Cooray.

“Our new home at Verve in Clyde North delivers on that. We are very happy.”

Indian Australians like Mr and Mrs Cooray occupy a unique niche in the Australian homebuyer market well known for its decisiveness, attention to detail, preference for suburbia over regional settlement, and desire for multi-bedroom homes and large garages (Source: REA).

The burgeoning Verge community in Clyde North is home to 1,100 lots in different stages of development. Ranging in size from 246sqm to 491sqm, housing design flexibility reigns supreme with developments varying between single and double storey houses, to uniquely shaped lots and townhouses.

Once complete, the Verve community estate will host stylish boulevards, tree lined streets, bike paths, a 55,200sqm sportsground, and a 16,500sqm wetland reserve – all centred around its 17,200sqm Central Park.

The Verve estate is being developed by diversified national property development group, Goldfields. Located close to established schools, sporting facilities, and diverse shopping and dining options, Verve offers an affordable ‘all in one’ home and community for the aspiring Victorian first homebuyer.

Goldfields CEO, Lachlan Thompson, said one of the special things about Verve is our strong focus on the provision of open space.

“An essential component of the great Australian dream is space for children to run around, have fun and get exercise outdoors,” said Mr Thompson.

“All children at Verve will be able to play neighbourhood cricket, netball, basketball, footy, and soccer at the terrific open space and sporting facilities we are creating. Once our estate is finished, it will be a wonderful community to raise a family and enjoy a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle.

Managing rising housing costs is also a priority Goldfields has been working on.

“We’ve made a huge effort to keep our land and house prices affordable. Our customers regularly tell us that higher interest rates have had a big impact on their buying decisions and ability to service future loans.”

Future homeowner Rahul Chandel said rising interest rates were a factor in achieving home ownership. Thankfully, the rises have stopped, and I’ve been able to find a great home at a price I could afford.

“My new home is being built right now and I hope to move in soon. With some luck, interest rates will begin to ease providing some breathing room.”


Exclusively released lots, townhouses, and single and double storey homes are currently available for purchase at Verve.

The Verve team are located at their sales centre at 275 Pattersons Road, Clyde North.

Further information can be found by emailing contact@verveclydenorth.com.au or calling the estate’s manager, Heather Noom, on 0488 972 712.

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